Friday, July 18, 2008


So, I guess it's been a while. I'm excited and nervous about the upcoming months. Tomorrow I start campaigning for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) at the Hillcrest/San Diego Gay Pride festival. I'll be continuing the campaign while working on "door".... so going door to door and signing up members to support us. Thursday I was promoted to a salaried staff position in the office, so mostly likely 60+ hours a week. Then, sometime in August or September, I'll be sent to a swing state to organize volunteers and voters for the election. When I get back to San Diego after Nov. 4, I have no idea what will happen. Hopefully I'll be hired as an Assistant Director in San Diego, but its not likely. Who knows...

I hope everyone is doing well. My life has become this job. I enjoy it... there is nothing else much new. Other than the fact that Adam and I have been seeing each other for 3 months now. He is sooo sweet. ... smart, responsible, and dignified too. He's kinda cute in the fact that we picked out a book to read together and we go grocery shopping together sometimes. We don't see each other much. But we have been having fun checking out the aquarium in La Jolla, and we went sea kaying for his birthday. ... there were even baby dolphins out in the cove. And the worlds largest (perhaps 2nd) Giant Kelp Bed! I can't wait to get back into school and study again.

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