Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Smart cars!

COOL! DaimlerChrysler, a german company with a funky little half car model that is taking Europe by storm has decided to start selling to American markets! I've been seriously thinking about all the things that I will miss (and not miss here) and the Smart car is one of them. (as long as we are on the topic of cars, we can include all the awsome german cars here. Es ist nur einfach gewohnt, so viele schönen Autos zu sehen!) But I guess I won't have to worry anymore! I put link in this blog title. you can click on it to see the article.



Grandpa V. said...

About those SMART cars, do you think I could get a little of the SMART? The last three comments I've written have fled to etherland, never to be seen again. Becky, I'm glad you will be back in a few weeks. Then I (and a lot of other people) won't have to beat the system with your blog. But many thanks for posting enabled many people to share in your wonderful journey. Come home safely please. Love, Grandpa Volzer

David said...

smart cars rock!!! I want one, haha. Maybe when I'm making the big money when I'm older I can buy one. Have a good flight!