Wednesday, December 07, 2005

something new

ok... so after 4 months in this little (now deserted) tourist town I found the coolest thing ever... this really old barn turned into a cafe. Its full of antiques and stuff, not at all unlike Juniper Beans in Honeoye Falls, except cheep (and good quality too!). Inside is all these old tables, paintings and old pictures on the walls, cool looking antique chandeliers and things everywhere, and the rafters are full of stuff (from old toys to horseshoes). In the town, everything is decorated with lights and is quite picturesque. The only people around town these days are natives in Esens (so things are quite empty)... but now it has a lot more of a cozy small town feel than before. Not much else is new. I just wanted to comment on the amazingly cool cafe.


Anonymous said...

That sounds so interesting....hope I get to see it when we visit in the spring. Now all you need is our white snow to add to the small town Christmas lights!!!!!We are expecting a snow storm here tonight.

Grandma Mastin said...

It is me, Grandma, I do not know why it comes out anonymous.