Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Today I went to the Volkswagen plant with school, that is only 45 minutes from here. they make all the Passat's in the entire world! It is also the plant that made most of the VW Beetles for export to the United States! Also, in two weeks, when I am on my Germany Tour, we are stopping in Wolfsburg which is the headquarters of VW. We will get tour, but this time in English!!

Inside the factory... it is difficult to discribe. Many of the operations are automated, so there are these cars and machines, only comparable to a scene in the Matrix. Imagine moving battery driven metal boxes, driving around in percision, carrying ghostly carframes competely empty with no windows and doors, engines or wheels... creeping around silently, while crashes, machines, and the sound of firesparks drumm on in the background. Then large, imposing orange arms reach down, with many flingerlike bolts, carrying car peices away and sending sparks flying in all directions as they work in midair... syncronized with hundreds of other similar machines that look like they will all run into each other and cause a massive malfunction. Later on, rows of men work on building engines and assembling the different pieces of the car... the dashboard, the doors pieces, the elecrical wires, packing the liner between the door and body, screwing together the radios... and massive machines picking empty carbodies, prickley looking motors, and steel undercarriges up like they are light as a feather. It is an awe inspiring and honestly scarey place. All I can say is... go watch The Matrix where the machines are ''harvesting'' humans.


David said...

That is soo cool!!! I think I would rly like to see that. I think that it's so funny that most of the novelty items such as the VW cars and like all our toys in the US are from Germany and Japan haha. I can't wait to hear about your trip of Germany! ttyl!

David said...

Oh and dad sent ur package of stuff, rly expensive like $125, but it should be there on thursday! Like in 2 days! Dad wants you to take a picture of the Fed ex truck haha! It will arrive in the afternoon, dad didn't think that fed ex trucks were seen very often in your area. ttyl!

Grandma said...

Hi Becky,
David is here to help me send a comment. He just came in from hunting with Grandpa. I hope Kristyn gets to read about the VW plant! It sounds amazing like all auto plants.

Grandpa V. said...

Hi Becky. The latest thing over here with the VW's is painting the bodies white and the fenders black(like a police car) and putting an "official looking" logo on the side [GEEK SQUAD]!! I saw a commercial the other day and thought it was a neat idea. Then I saw one at Best Buy yesterday-they are real, not just in the commercial! By any chance, did you see any like that on your tour?... Grandma is visiting her mom in albuquerque for the next week or so.This lets me make any comments without censor. Who knows what I'll come up with. Stay safe and keep on having fun. Auf weidersein, mein shatzie.