Wednesday, January 26, 2005


This week is the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII and the liberation of Auschwitz. I have discovered that while in Germany, the Holocaust memorial in Berlin is to open, or something, i'm not sure... I should tho. PBS has an extensive documentary series on Auschwitz of which I watched tonite. horrendous. I plan to make it a point to visit a camp b4 I come home. A mojor issue that world leaders have been stressing is that at the next anniversary, the 70th, most of the remaining 1 million survivors will not be alive anymore. The reason is because children were systematically killed unless they were used for medical experiments or escaped. That makes older teens and 20 somethings the youngest gerneration to survive. I am amazed that these victims are still alive because the whole situation seems so remote yet I am disapointed by the fact that I will see a headline in my lifetime that claims the last holocaust survivor has passed away. Very strange concept indeed. It's a tough issue that I know I will have to face. Germany is forced to face it as this year being a whole string of 60th's which means that I won't have to confront it, it will confront me. My country and Germany were at war. Volzer's fought on both sides. its horrendous.

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